KEF x LOTUS Partnership

The Definitive Experience.

In a partnership of two iconic British brands, KEF has created the most immersive in-car audio system to complement the unrivalled driving experience offered by Lotus. We've extended our collaboration to include in-home audio products. Sharing an obsession with creating the very best experience possible, we are pioneers in our respective fields with a long history of engineering and design innovation.  

In-car audio

Hyper-realistic sound in motion

The KEF in-car audio system for Lotus is intricately tuned by the same engineering team responsible for the performance of KEF’s flagship premium loudspeakers including Blade and The Reference. Via technologies including a dedicated automotive version of KEF’s signature Uni-Q driver array, Shadow Flare, Uni-Core and 3D surround sound, KEF in-car audio systems offer incredibly accurate and coherent sound for both the driver and passengers.

Uni-Q® Technology

In a conventional in-car audio system, the tweeter and midrange drivers are separated, creating a ‘smeared’ listening experience. KEF’s signature Uni-Q® driver array situates the tweeter within the centre of the midrange driver, so both act together as a single point source to disperse sound more evenly, delivering a more coherent, hyper-realistic sound experience.


Perfection of form and function

Bringing KEF’s signature sound to Lotus models including the Emira and the Eletre, this deep design collaboration has created an audio system that both sounds and looks stunning. From the unique stainless steel grilles in the Emira to the partially exposed speakers on Eletre’s doors, this is a high-tech and highly aesthetic audio system that is designed to perform, delivering incredible fidelity in perfect harmony with Lotus Cars’ cockpit. 


Inspiring design with state-of-the-art audio experience


Iconic design with superb in-car audio experience


Striking design with immersive audio performance

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Home audio

Elevated Home Entertainment

Our partnership is born from our desire to be the best. As masters of engineering and design, KEF and Lotus have crafted a collection of products designed to elevate your lifestyle with unforgettable home entertainment experiences.

LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition

This all-in-one speaker system, contained in an iconic slim structure, encompasses KEF’s vision of high-fidelity sound for the future. Inspired by the British Racing Green of the Lotus heritage, it was created to bring the track spirit into your home in a harmony of design and innovation, elevating it to a new dimension.

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